PrimaLuna Owner's Manuals

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ProLogue Series

ProLogue One - English | Francais
ProLogue Two - English | Francais
ProLogue Three - English | Francais
ProLogue Four - English | Francais
ProLogue Five - English | Francais
ProLogue Six - English | Francais
ProLogue Seven - English | Francais
ProLogue Eight - English | Francais


ProLogue Classic Series

ProLogue Classic Integrated - English
ProLogue Classic CD Player - English


ProLogue Premium Series

ProLogue Premium Integrated - English
ProLogue Premium Preamplifier - English
ProLogue Premium Stereo Amplifier - English
ProLogue Premium Monoblock Amplifier - English
ProLogue Premium CD Player - English


DiaLogue Series

DiaLogue One - English | Francais
DiaLogue Two - English | Francais
DiaLogue Three - English
DiaLogue Four - English | Francais
DiaLogue Five - English | Francais
DiaLogue Six - English | Francais
DiaLogue Seven - English | Francais


DiaLogue Premium Series

DiaLogue Premium Integrated - English
DiaLogue Premium Preamplifier - English

Installation Instructions for ProLogue One and Two Integrated Amplifiers
Installation Instructions for the ProLogue Three Preamp
Installation Instructions for ProLogue Premium & DiaLogue Premium Preamplifiers