Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a PrimaLuna tube preamp with my solid state power amp?

  • Yes, in 99% of the solid state amps on the market.  Here is the general rule of thumb:  The input impedance of the amplifier should be ten times the output impedance of the preamp.  If the output impedance of the preamp is 2500 ohms, the input impedance of the amp should be 25,000 ohms or higher.  Most solid state amplifiers have an input impedance of 50,000 ohms.  Most tube amps 100,000 ohms.  PrimaLuna preamps have an output impedance of approximately 2500 ohms, so you have plenty of room to spare.  There are maybe a few exceptions to this, like the Pass Aleph 5 amplifier which is rated at 10,000 ohms.  But this amp is an exception that is so rare it is not worth mentioning.  If this were an issue then tube preamp sales not be as popular as they are.   


How is Adaptive AutoBias different from other biasing circuits?

  • Click here to read a technical explanation about Adaptive AutoBias written by the engineering team who designed it.  There is no other product that has a design feature like this due to the engineering knowledge required and expense in manufactring.   


Why do some PrimaLuna pre-amps and integrated amps have remote while others don't? Click here to find out

  • PrimaLuna preamps and integrated amps use premium Alps potentiometers (volume controls) for precise channel tracking from left to right, resulting in the best stereo imaging and lowest noise. It would cost less to use a cheap panel-mounted volume control with remote than to use top shelf parts the way PrimaLuna does.  But the result is not just in performance.  PrimaLuna is built to last a lifetime.  ProLogue Premium and DiaLogue series have remote controlled Alps potentiometers.    


What power tubes can I use in my PrimaLuna amplifier?

  • All PrimaLuna amplifiers come equipped with either EL-34 or KT88 power tubes. However, you can substitute in any 6550, KT66, 6L6GC, 7581, KT90 or EL37 into any PrimaLuna amplifier.

    The ProLogue & DiaLogue One, Four, and Six amplifiers can use 6550 and KT88 tube types without any issues. The tubes will be running at a slightly cooler bias, but many customers have been using these higher dissipation tubes with great success.

    Each tube will have a different effect on the sound. Adaptive AutoBias will adjust itself to the new tube type, making experimenting with different power tubes very easy. In fact, the Adaptive AutoBias circuitry is so advanced you could even plug in one 6550, one EL34, one 6L6GC, one KT88, and Adaptive AutoBias would recognize the differences, make the appropriate adjustments, and the amp would function perfectly. Now... it may not sound very good, but it's just nice to know you could.


I live overseas. Can I purchase from a PrimaLuna Partner in North America?

  • PrimaLuna is distributed world-wide by the most distinguished names in audio. Your best bet is to deal with them directly. If you do not know who the distributor is in your country, please use our Contact Page and we will put you in touch with your local distributor.


How long is my warranty? Is it transferable?

  • All PrimaLuna equipment comes with a two year warranty that covers parts and labor. Tubes are guaranteed for six months. This warranty is for the original purchaser only and is not transferable to subsequent owners under any circumstances.