ProLogue Three Preamplifier - Regular $1899 . . . SALE $1479

The $3000 preamp for those that don't want to spend $3000. Think we're kidding? We want you to study it carefully. Let's look at the ARC LS-16 mk II which weighs in at 11.9lbs and is not dual mono, and uses circuit boards, all for $3495.

The ProLogue Three is true dual mono with TWO toroidal power transformers, choke-regulation, point to point wiring, and premium parts including an Alps Blue Velvet potentiometer and Solen and Swellong capacitors. Five coats of hand-rubbed finish, removable tube cage, and ceramic tube sockets. It weighs in at 23.5 lbs, almost 50 percent more than the $3495 preamp and sells for more than 60 percent less.

But it's not about money. (Well...maybe a little)

The glory of tubes will breathe life into your solid state amplifier. The ProLogue Three boasts tube rectification using TWO 5AR4 tubes, one for each channel. No negative feedback and no cathode followers for a vibrant midrange that creates the kind of three-dimensional soundstage rarely encountered.

Running it with a tube amp? Perfect. You will get wide bandwidth and real bass and a top end that is not bitey, but goes on forever. If you have noise issues or use high-efficiency speakers you will love it because it is so quiet. Only 11.5dB of gain and the tube heaters are DC so it will be less picky of tube choices. The power supply is perfectly de-coupled with an ultra-wide band (several MHz) constant source impedance and low corner frequency of over two octaves below the audio bandwidth (4Hz).

The ProLogue Three is non-inverting, and has two pairs of outputs so you can easily bi-amp or add a powered subwoofer.

"Why don't you offer a remote?" Click here to find out.


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Freq. Response: 4Hz-85kHz +/- 3dB
Gain: 11.5dB
THD: Less than 1% at full power
S/N Ratio: 109dB unweighted
Input Sensitivity: 200mV
Input Impedance: 100k Ohms
Output Impedance: 2.8k Ohms
Power Consumption: 48 watts
Tube Compliment: 2 - 12AX7, 2 - 12AU7, 2 - 5AR4
Dimensions: 11" x 7.5" x 15.5" (WxHxD)
Weight: 23.5 lbs
Inputs: 4 pair RCA
Outputs: 2 pairs of pre-amp outputs + tape monitor out