ProLogue Premium

“Change is easy. Improvement far more difficult” Dr. Ferdinand Porsche

The highly-advanced ProLogue Premium Series blends the cutting-edge technology of the original ProLogue and DiaLogue Series with brand-new advances.  First, the amps... stereo, mono and integrated. The ProLogue Premium Series unveils new, innovative circuits that provide unparalleled reliability, protection and sound quality:

  • Bad Tube Indicator: A small LED for each power tube that lights up if it goes bad. Replace it and rock on.
  • PTP-circuit: Cuts the juice if the power transformer overheats then resets after cooling down.
  • OTP-circuit: Disables the output transformer in the event of massive tube failure or user error.

Now factor in these features upgraded from the critically acclaimed ProLogue and DiaLogue Series:

New Adaptive AutoBias circuitry. Just flip a switch to optimize the amp for KT-88 or EL-34 power tubes. And the amp can be ordered with either.

New output and power transformers. Updated from DiaLogue and providing even better control over challenging speaker loads.

New front-end circuitry. Optimized for 12AU7s which helps produce lower distortion and the lowest noise of any preamp and amp we have yet encountered.

Home theater pass-thru implementing direct-line circuitry and gorgeous, full-function remote which controls CD player functions as well.

Next, let’s take a look at a real giant-killer... the ProLogue Premium Preamp!

Take the new front-end design, the PTP-circuit, the home theater pass-thru, the full function remote and then add new power transformers. They’re heavy-duty, dual-mono, with additional windings added to each for improved synergy with the optional MM Phonostage.

This pre-amp weighs in at a hefty 37.5 pounds… that’s some serious iron!

Finally, take a look at the parts ProLogue Premium counts as standard: ceramic tube sockets; Solen, Swellong, and Nichicon capacitors; WBT-style solid core speaker terminals; ALPS Blue Velvet volume control; gold-plated RCA jacks; and toroidal power transformer.

The entire ProLogue Premium Series is built by hand with the finest point-to-point wiring and quality equal to – or better than – any product you can buy at any price.

It represents the next step in PrimaLuna’s ongoing advance with high fidelity components. Demo one today!

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