Super I/V Op Amp Kit

Sonic Nirvana Comes From Gentle Nudges...

At PrimaLuna, we have the experience to know that there is no product that is “perfect” for everybody. That’s why we have our exclusive Adaptive AutoBias that allows the customer to fine-tune the sound of any PrimaLuna amp by changing to a HUGE number of different tubes, with absolutely no need for the tubes to be matched, or biasing once you put them in.

Getting that last 10% of performance does not have to mean spending five or ten thousand dollars of upgrades. It can be a matter of a gentle nudge or a small tweek that can lead to sonic bliss and the feeling of “Ahhhh….this is right”.

The PrimaLuna ProLogue Eight CD player already hit the home run. With reviews from around the world and statements like “Indeed their latest ProLogue Eight "hybrid" CD player drops a real bombshell on the traditional CD player competition.” You can see it is something special.

But every person and every system is different. With 99% of the CD players on the market you are stuck with what you bought. Not so with PrimaLuna. One, in a way you would expect from us, that is changing out a couple tubes and taking advantage of a huge color pallet available to you.

The other, a way not seen in any other CD player available anywhere. Simply turn the CD player over, remove the bottom, and pop out four chips, then plug in one of our special Super I/V op-amp kits.

The Super I/V Board incorporates a new type of op-amp that to our knowledge, has never been used by any audio manufacturer before.

For $235, you are going to get: Slew-rate upgrade from 13 to 100V/uS 50% noise reduction Bandwidth upgrade of a factor 10! The Super I/V Board also upgrades the bypass caps and power supply caps, so with the increase of speed, detail, and quietness you get above, you get a prettier “picture”